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If you need to know how to set up your emails for your phone or tablet then this is the guide for you.


  1. If you are getting a “can’t get email” or “can’t connect” error – your POP (Incoming) information is wrong.
  2. If you are getting a “can’t send mail” problem – something is wrong in your SMTP settings.
  3. Work on only one problem at a time to stay less confused. 
  4. Sounds strange, but turn off your iPhone and then turn it back on. This seemed to help on occasion.

Get Ready!

You will need the following bits of information to set up your account. I’ll tag these with brackets so the areas are easy to reference when we hit the next section.


  • Email Address: i.e. <EMAIL-ADDRESS>
  • Domain Name: i.e. <DOMAIN-NAME>(Usually this is the part AFTER the @ symbol in your email address. If your email was your domain name is “”.
  • User Name: i.e. <USER-NAME> Case sensitive (Usually, this is the part in front of the @ in your email). If your email was your user name is probably “tom”.
  • Password: i.e. <PASSWORD> Case sensitive (If you don’t know your password, call your provider or call me if I’m your provider. If I’m not your provider, I can’t help you.
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